Who Are We

A visionary, dynamic company, DS Units has been investing in new technologies since its inception. The implications are manifold. For one, we’re totally ‘up to date’ with the newest developments in our field of business. Also, we’re very conscious of the environmental issues facing mankind, as well as the importance of a small ecological footprint. Of course, this also means sustainability is extremely important to us. DS Units wants to charge headfirst into the future and continue to follow up on modern technological accomplishments coming up right behind the corner, so we can integrate them in our way of working.

DS Units was established with a clear goal in mind, one that takes into account all possible factors influencing the construction industry and – more importantly – your wishes demands, questions, goals, and – ultimately – dreams as a client. We’d like to become known as the foremost specialists in high-quality custom work and modular building systems, such as luxurious, adaptable units and aesthetically pleasing, custom-built containers. Why? Because only the best is good enough for us, for you and for this precious environment we all live in.

Since our four different types of units are available for both sale and rent, we’re generally able to answer any and all questions. After all, there’s something here for everybody!

Wat Do We Do?

Since its inception, DS Units focuses on custom building.

Ever since DS Units was founded, we’ve been specializing in custom-built structures. We’re able to realize almost any project imaginable – whether it be schools, offices, garages, sanitary facilities, catering businesses or other buildings - with modular units that fit perfectly together. Additionally, our modules are available for sale as well as rent, which makes them ideally suited to be used as pop-up stores or other temporary facilities, for example at a festival or on a construction site. After all, modular construction [link to page ‘Modular Building’] comes with a huge number of advantages which aren’t shared by traditional construction. Enthusiastic? We are! Please do have a look at the four types of unit at our disposal.

Why Would You Choose Us?

We always build according to your specifications, which is made possible by having our own design and production department. Almost everything is first constructed mainly in our home factory, which offers many advantages versus traditional building... Oh, and did we already mention the price tag involved? It’s a lot lower. Since we control every aspect of construction ourselves, we don’t have to rely on third parties or outside firms – which almost always ends up saving our customers a lot of money!