If our modular standard units offer a huge amount of flexibility , then we go one step further with our luxury units. The construction process is similar to traditional building, but because everything takes place in our own workshop beforehand, we can guarantee much faster delivery, better construction conditions and ensure stricter quality controls .

Traditional construction projects take place at the site where structure will be set up, which means buildings are subject to all sorts of factors on which little control can be exercised. DS Units works differently. Because we (largely) finish our products in advance, the location you have chosen does not have to be transformed into a rather ugly and dirty construction site for months on end. Even better: everything is not only better built, the price is also much sharper, so you pay less for a faster processand a better-quality end result .

Our luxury units use as a solid steel construction as their base frame, which is completely welded together in our workshop. Once the skeleton is done, we place high-quality insulation panels on it, which prevents thermal bridges. Our material scores far below current insulation standards, which of course saves a lot of energy and provides more comfort .

    Why modular building enjoys so many benefits, you can read here. Some reasons to opt for a steel construction are:

  • Architectural flexibility
  • Sustainability
  • Lifetime guarantee on quality
  • Speed of delivery

Technical specifications

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By default, these units are limited to a maximum length of 8m and a width of 3.5m . At the request of the customer, however, we can, if necessary, deviate from this . As we have already indicated, we build everything according to your wishes and needs.


Outside the dimensions themselves, the interior and exterior finish of your building is of course essential and at DS Units we offer a large number of options .


Electrical installation: Switchgear with Niko Original or Intense
Optional: Domotic control with control via smartphone or touch screen/camera/burglar alarm/fire alarm

LED lighting: Recessed spotlights and wall luminaires at choice

Ceiling: System ceiling 600x600 mm/fixed gyproc ceiling/stretch ceiling

Sanitary: Bathroom and toilet of choice

Floor: Wide selection of water-resistant and impact-resistant laminate/all types of tiles/PVC floor

Walls: Gyproc wall/sandwich panels

Exterior finish

Cement: Cement fiber panels; design, size and RAL color of choice

Wood: Horizontal or vertical covering with different types of wood, whether or not sprayed in a RAL color of your choice

Steel: Steel panels with hidden mounting system; design, size and RAL color of your choice

Tectiva: EQUITONE Tecti panels; design and size to size, with a choice of a wide color pallet

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  • Upholstery with different types of wood ; whether or not sprayed in a RAL color of choice and horizontal or vertical placement:
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  • Steel panels with hidden mounting system ; design, size and RAL color of your choice:
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  • Equitone Tectiva panelen; design, grootte en kleur volgens kleurenpalet:
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  • Combinatie van verschillende bekledingen:
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    Types of luxury units

    DS Units offers 4 different types of luxury units:

    • Office units : Always dreamed of a luxurious office building? Then our luxury office units are definitely something for you!
    • Commercial units : From hair salons to showrooms and real catering establishments: with these commercial units you can make any business come alive come.
    • Sales offices : More visibility through a sales office on the site? Of course you can!>
    • Residential units : Avoid overcrowded construction sites with contractors and subcontractors. Choose a ready-to-use house that can be placed in ten weeks.

    We build everything according to your needs and wishes!