Why there’s a separate category for educational units? Simple: our children’s well-being and comfort is very important to us, as they will become the adults our society builds on! Also, our customers often demand us to make our educational solutions as child-friendly as possible.

These flexible modules have many different glazing variants, so that our windows are ideally suited for both small children and adults. The insulation, lighting and equipment are also cut to (children's) size.


Child-friendly installations: If you have children, you already know: it’s always best if sanitary facilities such as showers, toilets and washbasins are cut to children's size – which is just one of the major reasons why there is so much demand for our educational units.

Fire delay: To ensure the safest possible environment, our educational units can be equipped with a fire delay of 30 (REI30), 60 (REI60) or 120 (REI120) minutes.

Glazing: Thanks to complete glazing, we can offer bright spaces where children and their older peers thrive.

Individual room layout: Clearly separate rooms, play corners and other partitions are often indispensable when designing a school interior - and it’s certainly something we consider while building your educational units, all according to your own directions.

Insulation: Because our schools and nurseries are equipped with the highest possible heat insulation, the climate inside remains optimal - even if it gets too hot or cold outside. Our high-quality insulation meets the strictest of EPB standards, guaranteeing the well-being of children and adults alike.

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