As a customer, sometimes you may wish for something more 'special' - despite the modular character of our other standard units. A one-of-a-kind construction, an eye-catching, original facade, a surprising interior that breathes the theme you've picked for your project or another elaboration of your own, unique vision.. That's what our special units are for: to give you free reign, to be able to realize any possible idea and the most remarkable designs. As should be evident in the included pictures, any custom project can be made into reality and the most elaborate, complex constructions are within reach. Have you been visualizing something you never thought you anyone could ever make happen? Then don’t hesitate to let us know about it!


Easy to expand: We can’t stress the point often enough: If your business is doing well, chances are you’re thinking of expanding. Is your company Are you stationed in a traditional building? Then maybe you’ll have to buy out your neighbors or even move out. By choosing our units, you’ office or studio can be expanded with minimal costs and effort. Choosing DS Units is choosing to go for your own future!

Isolation: Just like our other standard units, our special units are equipped with the very best insulation, so you, your colleagues and your visitors can enjoy your surroundings in the best possible comfort.

Quick setup: An innovative construction process, skilled workers, a modular construction system and tons of experience: all factors that, naturally, guarantee a quick setup.

Fully customized: Our special units can exude almost any look & feel. Promise!

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